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April issue is out!
Publish Date: 4/6/2024

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Fly Kugin   EDITOR

Tara Isachenko   WRITER

Noa Cloud   WRITER

Aras Bilgen   WRITER

Sam Scarmon   WRITER

Dancerina Starlight   WRITER

Public Relations:

Kaysie Michigan   PR MANAGER

Ninja Antwoord  PR MANAGER


Media Department:





Jukebox Tales

Writer: Tara Isachenko

"Greetings, fellow music enthusiasts. My name is Tara Isachenko, and for the better part of my life, I've been engrossed in the symphonic labyrinth that is music. My journey began as a wide-eyed teenager, captivated by the diverse harmonies that . . . (Read more...)

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Musician of the Month

Writer: Noa Cloud

"Hello everyone! I am Noa Cloud. Born into a family of music lovers, where Italian, French, and Japanese are spoken, I learned to play the violin and piano as a boy, and playing was our common language. The first records I bought myself were . . . (Read more...)

SL ISO & Score Magazine Main Sponsor

Score Magazine and BBX Giveaway Event

Welcome to "3M: Music, Machinima, Metaverse" video interview that delves deep into the realms of music, machinima, and the ever-expanding metaverse. In each episode, we bring you fascinating conversations with trailblazers and visionaries who are shaping the future of these interconnected worlds.

Rednessv R,

Leal C, Linda Z,

RomyMontgomery R,

Dylan S.



Music Culture

Writer: Aras Bilgen

"Hello to all music lovers! Welcome to Score Magazine! I'm Aras Bilgen, your friendly guide on this musical adventure in music history, appreciation, performance experiences and music literature and many more . . . (Read more...)

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Venue of the Month

Editor: Fly Kugin

"Hello! My name is Fly Kugin. I have performed violin since 2007 and streaming into Second Life since 2019, performing at several venues and also for charity events. Playing improvisation is one of my passions in music as much as . . . (Read more)

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SL ISO Spotlight

Writer: Sam Scarmon

In Real Life my background started out as a forklift operator while finishing a degree in history and after graduating I continued to work for a precast concrete company eventually rising to... (Read more)

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Music in Motion

Writer: Dancerina Starlight

Smile! It brightens someone’s day! Hello! I am Dancerina Starlight. I became a Second Life (SL) resident on October 25, 2012.  I was immediately mentored and learned the basics and... (Read more)



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