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Who does receive gift cards?

Only SL ISO & Score Magazine subscribers.

When are the winners announced?

On the publish day of Score Magazine every month.


How do the subscribers chosen?

Subscribers are chosen randomly from

SL ISO Subscriber list.

How many subscribers are chosen?

Five (5) Subscribers

♣ How many gift cards are given?

Five (5) gift cards.

How are the gift cards delivered?

Gift cards are sent by inworld IM (SL) by SL ISO & Score Magazine Artistic Director.


What is the feature of the gift card?

Each gift card is an object, and each is "Only Transfer." Gift cards contain Info Notecard, BBX Design Landmark, Score Magazine Landmark. Gift Cards can be used for only BBX Design inworld store stuffs and they created by SL ISO & Score Magazine Artistic Director.

How to use the gift card?

Teleport to BBX DESIGN Main Store. Choose your content that does not exceed the limit of your gift voucher. Contact Aymec Millet, BBX Design Owner, inworld. Send your Gift Card and the name of content that you choose. Your content will be delivered by BBX Design Owner as soon as possible.

BBX Design Landmark:

Score Magazine and BBX Giveaway Event

Giveaway Event

SL ISO & Score Magazine Main Sponsor

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