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Writer: Tara Isachenko

"Greetings, fellow music enthusiasts. My name is Tara Isachenko, and for the better part of my life, I've been engrossed in the symphonic labyrinth that is music. My journey began as a wide-eyed teenager, captivated by the diverse harmonies that found their way to my ears, from the classic lullabies of yesteryears to the pulsating beats of modern pop. Over time, this love for music became the metronome of my life, syncing every heartbeat to the rhythm of a song.

In my quest to be closer to the music that moved me, I stepped into the radio industry, where I had the privilege of serving as a programmer and DJ across multiple radio stations for 10 years. These experiences deepened my appreciation for the music's sheer diversity, as my playlists weaved through Top 40 hits, oldies, standards, and from classic and modern rock to pop, easy-listening, and dance genres. Today, as an author at Score Magazine, I've found my sweet spot between being a listener and an informant. I will write about the rich mosaic of music history, chronicle the lives of the artists who've shaped it, and delve into the vast music archive. Through my words, I hope to not only share my passion but also to stir up the same love for music in you. Let's continue this symphonic journey together."

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