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Writer: Noa Cloud


"Hello everyone! I am Noa Cloud. Born into a family of music lovers, where Italian, French, and Japanese are spoken, I learned to play the violin and piano as a boy, and playing was our common language. The first records I bought myself were soundtracks by Francis Lai and Nino Rota, which started my childhood habit of imagining scenes, colors and scents while listening to the melodies and writing them down.I still have a strong desire to explore composers and performers, and watching, listening to, and reading about them, regardless of genre, is a great source of happiness for me.

As an adult, I formed an amateur rock band for several years and had a side job as a pianist playing at weddings and parties in addition to my day job. Later, I discovered the joy of playing an instrument in the virtual world. And of course, learning that many musicians are active in SL gave me great hope and joy.


Now, thanks to my involvement with Score Magazine, I have many opportunities to go to live shows and live a very positive and cheerful life. I hope I can be of some help by bringing you information about the wonderful musicians from all over the world who are active in SL. Furthermore, I intentionally try to keep the text as simple as possible, assuming that it will be translated and read by someone who speaks a language other than English."

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