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Author: Avalon Bouvier


Portrait of a Live Singer: DJEMBE DRAGONFIRE

The leaves have changed, and the spicey season of pumpkin beverages has us embracing autumn. In our second issue of SCORE magazine, we are pleased to feature Djembe Dragonfire, a talented and dedicated resident of Second Life who has been making his mark with his musical performances for over seven years. As a resident of over ten years, Djembe has grown with Second Life and developed a solid following of dedicated fans. Djembe's career in SL has included 100s of performances, fans, and accolades. He proudly won 1st place in the CMV Music Awards 2021, and 1st place in the “Who Has The Voice” Season 2 contest. He has grown with SL as the increase in venues has offered greater opportunities, providing the space for his growing fanbase. It was not always easy to have venue owners take a chance on the younger singing star, as he fondly remembers those who supported him in his early days....


You can read complete article getting inworld issue!

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