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Fly Kugin performs with SL ISO

Date: December 22th, 2023 / Friday

Time: 11 Am Slt

Concert Hall: Angel Manor Opera House



Fly Kugin is performing violin since 2007 and streaming into Second Life since 2019, performing at several venues and also for charity events in Second Life. She loves playing improvisation which is one of my passions in music as much as Musicals & Soundtracks, Jazz & Rock genres, and classical music from different time periods from various artists, as well as some of her originals. She performed solo concerts, as first and second violin in several string orchestras, composed and performed music for theatre plays and short films. She is working as a violin and string ensemble teacher in a private college in her country in real life, and performing live violin in Emre G. acoustic band at the several stages and performance halls in Istanbul.


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