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NEW HOME OF SL ISO: Angel Manor / September 2023

Author: Avalon Bouvier / September 2023


The first SL International Symphony Orchestra, organized by Fly Kugin, has found a new home at the ANGEL MANOR ESTATES. Angel Manor Estates first opened in 2007 and includes luxurious destinations such as the ballroom called The Rose Theatre, The Rose Lounge, and The Opera House, along with the library, and two full sims to explore. The Estates also include exquisite garden grounds for that leisurely walk or photo op! The Duke, Kaya Angel, and his Duchess Kezzie Forwzy have not overlooked any detail and are open to hosting special events such as weddings, anniversaries, or celebrations. As a power couple, they have worked tirelessly over the years to cultivate and support the arts in Second Life. They have, over their many years, showcased numerous SL musical talents. They have been featured in the SL spotlights, and several promotional videos, and in addition received the adoration of many in the arts community. I had the opportunity to sit down with both the Duke and his Duchess, where they discussed not only their historic journey in SL but also their future.

You can read Score Magazine corners getting inworld issue!

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