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Oldesoul Eldemar

Writer: Sam Scarmon / October 2023


This month’s spotlight for the SL International Symphony Orchestra is valued member Oldesoul Eldemar.  As an eleven-year veteran of SL he has been active in many events and organizations such as Fantasy Faire, Home and Garden, the Relay team ACTS, and SL Birthdays. He followed his wife, who had been a resident for five years, into SL so they could build a life here and spend more time together on the occasions he was out of town. Oldesoul is currently the ISO Supervisor, a trusted and important member of the team.  His leadership has helped the symphony grow and prosper.  He has always had an interest in music, even playing the accordion at age 9 and being involved in singing most of his life...


You can read the complete article via inworld issue!


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