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Second Life International Symphony Orchestra is a virtual orchestra that was founded in August of 2022. SL ISO includes over 100 musician-actors and 12 stage coordinators, all committed to presenting a symphonic musical experience for all those passionate about music.  SL ISO showcases and features many of Second Life’s best live singers, musicians, and composers, so each performance is unique and special.  SL ISO aims to provide a musical performance, creating a real-life concert experience. Once you experience an evening at the Symphony, you will not want to miss each show of the season !


 ❀      WHAT IS CONCERT SCRIPT ?      ❀



 DICTIONARY: Script / Scenerio



Concert script is the most important information about SL ISO concert program which is shared with all SL ISO Musician-actors who confirm their attendance to the concerts by stage coordinators. 



All stage coordinators and musician-actors are RESPONSIBLE to read every each content in the script. This script (scenerio) contains the info below;


► Stage crew list,

► Concert's date, time,

► All team's (stage coordinators, musician-actors) arrival time to the BACKSTAGE,

► All Landmarks (SL ISO Concert Hall for Audience & SL ISO Backstage)

► Animation start/stop commands at the beginning,

► Conductor's enter/exit timing,

► Song List and animation start/stop commands between songs,

► Info for the end of the concert and final ceremony.

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