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Writer: Sam Scarmon

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In Real Life my background started out as a forklift operator while finishing a degree in history and after graduating I continued to work for a precast concrete company eventually rising to the Sales Manager’s position.  Once I reached my middle years I changed my profession completely I went back to school to become an elementary teacher and it became my true passion. 

In Second Life, one day I found myself sitting with some new friends and I had no idea what we were doing in a cafe but soon found out that it was to learn about ISO Symphony.  Those friends, Bella Colton-Jones, Patience (Patty) Dumpling and Timo Dumpling are still in the symphony.  I joined in not fully understanding what it entailed and what was expected of me.  I chose the clarinet as I played it for four years starting at age 10.

In Second Life, many times I have thought I should learn how to build and someday I hope that will be the case.  I am always amazed at the profound creativity here.  In the last few years I found Cafe Musique to be a go to place and from there I have enjoyed so many live musicians and now many do dual or even triple streaming and collaboration with other artists, singers, and musicians with a variety of instruments.

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