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What is so cool about working for SCORE MAGAZINE?

Working with Score Magazine offers the chance to use your creativity and teamwork skills, collaborate with others and to meet other creative people. You also have many opportunities to better explore the Second Life music community to gain experiences and synergies that are both entertaining and educational. Here are some sweet perks of being in Score Magazine;


Meet important people who could inspire you: While working on a project, you may meet celebrities and other important people that would enhance your creativity.

Witness music history of a virtual world: When big events, you get the chance to observe better and become part of it.

Explore New Places: You may find yourself exploring new and exciting locations that you might not have otherwise visited.

Be a brain of a fantastic work and encourage yourself: Embrace the role of the mastermind behind exceptional work, and continually inspire yourself and the others in the process.


Copy Editor

Score Copy Editor's role is to ensure magazine articles are error-free and have a smooth flow. They meticulously review articles for common errors, ensure adherence to Score Magazine's style, and fact-check to maintain accuracy.

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Page Photography: Adam Cayden

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