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About Score


The objective of Score Magazine is to bring the residents of Second Life information about all that is musical. Each issue will share with our readers interesting articles about music history, terminology, and of course the numerous live musicians and music venues on the grid.  We will discover together why Second Life is so rich in music and creativity!

Within the pages of the issues, you will discover information about the Second Life International Symphony Orchestra (SL ISO), concert program which highlights upcoming concerts,  and SL ISO musician-actors as well as you will find interviews with Second Life’s talented composers, live musicians, live music venues, video-based interviews, educational articles, all with a musical focus.


Music is only one portion of the entire creative process, so naturally, Score Magazine's holistic approach includes poetry, works of art, photography, and links to music. We hope in Score Magazine and issues to come we don't only entertain but also inform our readers by offering insightful, creative visual, audio, and engaging written articles, bring our readers useful information that enriches their lives.

Fly Kugin   EDITOR

Tara Isachenko   WRITER

Noa Cloud   WRITER

Aras Bilgen   WRITER

Sam Scarmon   WRITER

Dancerina Starlight   WRITER

Public Relations

Media Department




Kaysie Michigan   PR MANAGER

Ninja Antwoord  PR MANAGER


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