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Score Magazine, published by SL ISO, is a collection of SL ISO general operation, info, staff and concert announcements, articles of featured SL musicians, comments and articles of valuable writers on educational and informative subjects, spotlight of SL Music venues. Score Magazine is published monthly on SL ISO kiosks around Second Life grid and individually sent to our subscribers. Many people who are part of our subscription really enjoy reading Score Magazine. When you choose to be the main sponsor, it means that lots of people will see and know about your organization. This also shows everyone how much you care about Score Magazine and SL ISO (Second Life International Symphony Orchestra). 

Your logo is published on Score Magazine Website, Your logo and landmark are published on Support Partners page, Your venue/place gets 2 full pages in Score Magazine each month, Your logo gets a spot on SL ISO Concert Tickets and brochures, Your logo and landmark are exhibited on a flyer at SL ISO Concerts.

Your Chair !

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