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Writer: Dancerina Starlight


Smile! It brightens someone’s day! Hello! I am Dancerina Starlight. I became a Second Life (SL) resident on October 25, 2012.  I was immediately mentored and learned the basics and intermediate of many elements of SL. In a few months, I convinced SMOKIN Aces Country Club to hire me as a hostess. Shortly thereafter and by recommendation I joined the Frank’s Entertainment Group (FEG) as a hostess and Manager of the Day at Frank’s Jazz as well as (Elite, Bogarts and Chateau d' Elite Restaurant as hostess). Some of my other related work in SL include but not limited to Envy Entertainment - Stage Management; Kashing it In Magazine - Writer; SL Magazine - Marketing; OnPointe Consulting, Co. LLC - Owner and CEO - Consultant; Second Life Newser - Reporter; Love and Harmony Jazz Romantic. Early work in SL was very important because I wanted to secure land and home. Within my first ninety days, I purchased my first homestead and have been with the same realtor since then - this speaks to my ability to be flexible and fluid, yet constant and established.

I have many interests in SL beyond work. I volunteer for Second Life Birthday, Burn 2, and Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference. I am in partnership with a couple non-profit organizations which support real causes. Additionally, I spend most of my time alone and with random strangers engaging in world views and personal backgrounds. Sometimes I develop lasting friendships from these experiences.  My primary enjoyment comes through dance. After ten years in SL, my RL and SL interconnected as described in my October 25, 2012 profile narrative. The energy from my RL dance life lends to some of my greatest opportunities in life. Having owned a dance studio with my RL sister and other dance associated brands, that energy is extended beyond the studio and impacts dance interests and skill sets for students and professionally trained dancers. This energy transcends to my SL.

Though over the years, I have danced with FEG’s dancers, Ballet Pixelle, and SLCS Cheerleaders and a couple solos, my SL formal dance education has been through Journey Academy of Performing Arts (JAPA) and Virtuoso, directed and co-directed by Klark Harvy and Delaney Jenson.  I enrolled in the intense 2023 JAPA Foundation in Performing Arts Program and graduated in May 2023 among nine other students. Apprenticeship ensued through choreography and set building for participation in showcases, struts, dance challenges, and the Rising Star Program.  My dance canvas continues to be perfected at Virtuoso, the Company arm of the JAPA institution, Tranquility Dance Troupe, and JR_Art & Design Projects.  Joining SCORE Magazine is pivotal for me because it will afford me the opportunity to write about dance, its tone and influence, the audience’s perception and ability to comprehend the story of movement. This corner will bring to the readership people, places, things, history, and discussion to the Music in Motion Corner. I am excited to join the team and look forward to writing great stories, articles, and many more. REVERENCE~

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