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How does SL ISO work?

The infinite power of dreaming and imagining offered by Second Life is the main idea of this project. Every moment spent in Second Life is like a visual feast, a library visit where knowledge and intelligence are shared from one person to another, and most importantly, a collection of emotions where happiness and pleasure, the indispensable reasons for the existence of the soul, can be experienced. From this point, the goal of SL ISO is to contribute to the experience in Second Life by providing the feeling of stage performance and being a musician, regardless of whether one is a musician in Real Life.

♦ SL ISO was established with over than 100 musician-actors, 10 stage coordinators, 2 supervisors, 2 conductors and 1 artistic director.


♦ One of Second Life's unique and talented live musician performs as soloist every month.


♦ Each concert is performed during 1 hour.


♦ Each concert contains 45-55 musician-actors on stage.


♦ The concert dates and times are announced via "CONCERT SCRIPT" by a notification in Second Life Management Group and Discord Server.


♦ All musician-actors are also informed about schedules, concert program, stage outfit, arrival time and rehearsals by their own stage coordinators.

♦ All musician-actors who fill application form for joining SL ISO are listed in excel spread-sheet with instrument choice, attendance status, stage coordinator name.

♦ New members are contacted and given an orientation about the progress by SL ISO artistic director.

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