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How much time should I spend for SL ISO?

Time is as valuable to us as it is to you. Therefore, SL ISO ensures that everything proceeds on schedule. Our stage coordinators are responsible for communicating the designated concert dates and times to you. The entire organization is planned one and a half months in advance and is communicated to the musician-actors by the stage coordinators at least 2 weeks before the concert. The concert date and time are also announced in the SL ISO & Score Management group (Private SL Group) and on the Discord Server.

All you need to do is to inform your stage coordinator whether you will attend the concert at the provided date and time before the "Response Expire Date". If you are available, add the day and time to your calendar to experience this excitement with us on the concert day!

  • SL ISO concert is performed during 1 hour.

  • New musician-actors book an appointment for orientation during the application. This orientation/training takes 1 or 1,5 hours at once and it teaches all details of the organization and stage rules. After you complete the orientation/training, you officially become SL ISO musician-actor.

Check out the link: 

"Musician-Actor Orientation"


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