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Fly Kugin


Editor's Choice

"Hello! My name is Fly Kugin. I have performed violin since 2007 and streaming into Second Life since 2019, performing at several venues and also for charity events in Second Life. I love playing improvisation which is one of my passions in music as much as Musicals & Soundtracks, Jazz & Rock genres, and classical music from different time periods from various artists, as well as some of my originals. I performed solo concerts, as first and second violin in several string orchestras, composed and performed music for theatre plays and short films. Currently I am working as a violin and string ensemble teacher in a private college in my country, and performing live violin in Emre G. acoustic band at the several stages and performance halls in Istanbul.


Beside my music career in Second Life, I enjoy spending my free time at quality live music venues as Second Life resident. About these venues, I will try to lead you with good and correct information which hopefully would enlighten your music taste and time while looking for live music, and exploring new musicians. Enjoy it!


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