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Writer: Aras Bilgen

"Hello to all music lovers! Welcome to Score Magazine! I'm Aras Bilgen, your friendly guide on this musical adventure in music history, appreciation, performance experiences and music literature and many more...

I've seen students light up as they explore the beauty of musical composition and performance. From Beethoven's powerful symphonies to Mozart's delicate concertos, Hendrix's deep soul to Davis's smooth touches, each note tells a story and stirs emotions. Also, I've seen how students and people who ask help about meaning of music struggle with the facts that lead them to question whether there are truths, freedom, or strict rules in music. I witnessed how they try to find their reality in music. I aim to make music understandable and enjoyable for everyone. We'll explore how music has evolved over time and learn to appreciate its different elements like melody, harmony, and rhythm from my perspective.

Music isn't just about rules and theories; it's about expressing yourself freely. Whether you're a musician or simply love listening to music, there's something special about how it touches our hearts and minds. So, let's pull our luggages on this journey together. Let's open our minds to the wonders of music and discover the magic it holds.​"

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