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How can I become a stage coordinator?

SL ISO is currently working with 9 stage coordinators co-operationally. Stage coordinators undertake the booking task, which is one of the most important parts of concert organization, by contacting and dealing with the musician-actors in the instrument group for which they are responsible.

This responsibility requires a long-term experience within SL ISO. Mastering the stage, having experienced the stage setup multiple times, having a deep understanding of the Concert Script's content, being able to maintain interactive communication with orchestra members, and being socially constructive, positive, and proactive are among the most important characteristics of stage coordinators.

In this regard, stage coordinators are selected by the general artistic director and among the musician-actors. The following requirements are sought for this position:

  • Being able to write English at an intermediate to advanced level,

  • Having regularly attended SL ISO concerts in general,

  • Being open-minded and broad-minded,

  • Being inclined towards teamwork,

  • Being constructive and collaborative in interpersonal relationships.

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Eromara Vita

Konzertmaister & Stage Coordinator

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